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Daniel Starer

Recent Research Topics       

For novelists and screenwriters

For non-fiction writers, TV producers, editors

For speechwriters, publicists, marketers and others


  For novelists and screenwriters  

  • Forensic techniques used by New York City police detectives for all stages of a homicide investigation in Manhattan.

  • How to kill someone in their home without leaving a trace.

  • Fashion shows, gossip, haunts, personalities and lifestyles of top Parisian clothing designers in the early 1920s.

  • Eyewitness descriptions of the Battle of the Bulge by combatants and civilians.

  • “Everything” about the lives of London paparazzi and their newest celebrity targets.

  • Chinese intelligence services and their operations in the US today.

  • The latest laboratory techniques, jargon, and daily work of researchers who clone mammals.

  • Emergency room procedures for treating heroin overdose at a large Detroit hospital.

  • A floor plan of the Kremlin, photographs and maps of Moscow circa 1962.

  • Autobiographies by and detailed accounts of women living in San Francisco during the 1860s.

  • Security procedures for a US president traveling in Egypt and Israel.



For non-fiction writers, TV producers, editors    

  • An exhaustive bibliography of articles on new breast cancer treatments, followed up with copies of key articles, and finally telephone interviews with top researchers.

  • Statistics proving the potential market for a new diet book and TV show.

  • A report verifying suspicious facts and allegations about a famous actress before publication of an unauthorized biography.

  • A list of European archives and experts with information on art stolen by the Nazis.

  • Published evidence supporting the thesis that Mars once supported life.

  • Background information about a Louisiana prison 24 hours after a riot there.

  • Women disc jockeys from the early days of radio--identify, locate, and set up interviews with the remaining ones.



For speechwriters, publicists, marketers, and others

  • Believable forecasts predicting the growth of e-commerce in each Asian country, by industry sector.

  • Detailed biographical and professional information about dozens of candidates considered by Harvard's search committee for a new president.

  • Facts for a backgrounder on the use of customized computer chips in automobiles.

  • A report highlighting trends in the retail marketing of cosmetics for minority women.

  • A list of email addresses for key media and industry contacts in the field of dental implants.

  • Existing public opinion surveys that reveal how seniors feel about their investments.

  • Published articles and studies showing the most effective methods to reduce workplace injuries.

  • Weekly update of information about pending legislation and regulations for the timber industry.

  • Statistical data of all kinds.



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